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Past winners include:

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Tanya H.

Of Ayden, NC

Won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 23 2020

Lori E.

Of Marshfield, MO

Won the $50 Amazon Gift Card on September 22 2020

William F.

Of Oshawa, ON

Won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 22 2020

Darius W.

Of Berlin, CT

Won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 21 2020

Deresa R.

Of Denton, TX

Won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 20 2020

Marvin H.

Of Salt Lake City, UT

Won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 19 2020

Daniel K.

Of Ripon, WI

Won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 18 2020

Fred L.

Of Delhi, ON

Won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 17 2020

Recent Winners Include

Patrick A of Little Falls, NJ won $100,000

Lisa A of Vallejo, CA won $50,000

Cindy M of Norwalk, CA won $25,000

Dianna W of Ellsworth, ME won $5,002

Beverly B of Frankfort, NY won $5,000

Robert B Sr of Hammond, IN won $5,000

Analyn C of Los Angeles, CA won $5,000

Donald C of Lawton, OK won $5,000

Sterling C of Windsor Locks, CT won $5,000

Sergio C of Springfield, MO won $5,000

Floyd P of Gaffney, SC won $5,000

Bob L of Van Meter, IA won $5,000

Beverly R of Nanaimo, BC won $5,000

Anthony P of Detroit, MI won $5,000

Joseph G of Altoona, PA won $5,000

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2020 Winner Recap

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Steven S. in Deerfield Beach, FL, is one lucky guy since he won a Chromebook on February 13, 2020. Steven took the $222 cash value and that’s certainly enough loot to have some fun in the sun! Perhaps Steven took the day off and grabbed his rod...

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$500 Visa Gif Card Winner June 2020

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February 2020 Winners

February was an exciting month with lots of players winning loot and great prizes! Congrats to our winners! John B. from Sioux City, Iowa won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on February 12.

Sally C. in Waldron, Indiana, may just be getting the popcorn ready for movie night with her family since she won...

Are You Already A Winner?

Are You Already A Winloot Sweepstakes Winner?

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